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Elysii™ makes contactless payments easy, and replaces secure access key cards, bar coded tickets, loyalty reward cards, key fobs and much more...

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Hotel/​Gaming Ring

An established Casino Group is designing Elysii for use in interactive gaming, hotel key replacement, and loyalty rewards.

Sports Franchise Ring

Beloved Sports Franchise is designing Elysii for VIP suites, contactless ticketing, purchasing, interactive gaming, sponsor programming, and loyalty rewards.


How does an Elysii ring pay for things?

You choose whether to connect your Ring to one of your current bank cards or you can activate the pre-paid card on the device and load it with funds. Both options are completed within the Ring app.

Connecting a Personal Card You Already Have to the Ring:

The Ring is manufactured with the ability to connect to your personal cards, but only if the bank issuing your card have enabled Apple Pay/contactless payments and have enabled a process called tokenization -- most banks outside the USA have this ability, while fewer in the USA have done so. Who tracks that? We do! Once you register an Elysii Ring, let us know what bank cards you'd like to connect and we'll let you know when your bank is online to tokenize your Ring.

Until then, the reloadable debit card works wherever contactless payments are accepted and you can add gift cards as well.

How & where do I use my Elysii ring?

HOW? Easy! Tap an Elysii ring to any contactless POS -- look for this symbol to pay . It’s just like using a card, except easier, faster and more convenient!

WHERE? The Elysii mobile app integrates a GPS locater for merchants in your area who accept contactless payments, such as: Starbucks, Boots, Staples, Whole Foods, Ulta, Sephora, McDonalds, CVS...and smaller merchants you may not know about.

How Do I Connect My Ring to do Other Things?

The Ring can do anything an NFC device can be programmed to do: ticketing, password replacement, time in/time out for employees, loyalty rewards, secure access to buildings. Most of these functions are activated by initializing a code on the device after purchase within the Ring App; other functions can be added for free by downloading NFC apps online.

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