Does an Elysii ring require a credit check?

No credit check is necessary. For pre-paid card registration, we ask for the minimum amount of personal information necessary to register Elysii based on banking law in your region.

Elysii is available in the USA, EU/UK, Australia/New Zealand, Scandanavia and selected areas in Asia.

My Elysii ring was stolen/lost/damaged!

No worries. Simply go to your mobile app or call our 24/7 customer service line to deactivate the device. You are protected against fraudulent purchases.

Do I receive Loyalty Points?

Likely! If your bank account, debit card is associated with a loyalty program, the funds you upload to the Ring will generally be eligible for points. If you’d like to add a retailer loyalty points program to the Ring, please check our ‘Connect Ring’ page within the Ring app to choose a program or to request a program to be added. Remember, the retailer must accept contactless payments for this to work.

What is the Elysii ring made of?

We use recycled or biodegradable components wherever possible and we follow ISO standards for human rights, energy use, recycling electronic components and environmental sourcing. Our packaging is recycled and/or biodegradable. Rings are made from ceramic, plastic and rubber.

Is there a developer platform?

...more to come soon

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